Can you Get Back Deleted Messages on Tinder – Easy Way

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For a lot of people, Tinder is seen as addictive, fun, and a fast app. This makes chatting with people around you easy; you can set casual dates and take a look at who reciprocates your interest.

Furthermore, one can also now see the songs a person had played for you. And in case you had some common friends which are mostly a great match, right?

Over 150 thousand pictures and more than 1.5 billion movements certainly create an amazing playground for deep learning and predictive analysis of dating.

Recently Tinder has introduced new algorithms that can alternate the first seen photo by other people when you make a profile. Tinder then keeps a record of each response as people are swiping over you and reorders the pictures to first show you the most famous ones.

But there are also times when messages can disappear from your account. You might be trying everything to be able to recover such conversations, cute flirts, and phone numbers. Unfortunately disappearing messages on Tinder is a trend and this doesn’t have anything to do with destiny.

Get Back Deleted Messages on Tinder

So now your Tinder messages have gone and you are wondering what to do. Well, no problem we have all of the ways that you can try and it can get your deleted Tinder messages as well! Just keep on reading:

1. Joyoshare

This tool can work as the best way of recovering your deleted Tinder messages. It is a professional and smart program that has been designed for data recovery of iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. You will be able to recover over 20 kinds of data and this includes WhatsApp messages, videos, images, and Tinder messages and there won’t be any overwriting for your present iPhone data.

The process of Tinder message recovery is pretty simple and anyone that doesn’t even have much experience of using iOS software for data recovery will be able to use it. Through Joyoshare you will be able to recover the entire deleted message on Tinder.

The software can recover data from iCloud, iTunes, and other internal memory of the device. Even in case your phone is lost or stolen, you can still use it and get all of the Tinder messages and other data back in an instant.

Steps to recover deleted Tinder messages with Joyoshare:

In case you had turned the backup feature for Tinder on, you will be able to recover the message from your iCloud. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose the iCloud recovery mode and then log in to your iCloud.
  2. Download Joyoshare and launch it on your phone. Select ‘recover from iCloud’ from the toolbar on top.
  3. Download and then extract the Tinder messages from your iCloud backup.
  4. Retrieve your Tinder messages by clicking the ‘recover’ option.

Your work is done! follow the same steps in case you use iTunes, just switch on the iTunes model for the first step.

2: Exportation Tinder Messages by iPhone Backup

It is possible to get Tinder messages recovered with iPhone backup. The Backup Extractor of the phone can read your iPhone backups. This way your Tinder messages can be found out and hence recovered and this also works when you had un-matched someone. The conversations can still get recovered. You must remember that Tinder message access is available only for account holders.

The reason we don’t recommend this method too much is that all of your data including the message on Tinder will get overwritten after an update. You should know that direct restoration of your data from iTunes or iCloud will be replacing your present data of the phone and everything else that’s backed up. Therefore although you will get deleted messages, your data after the backup will be removed.


There can be several occasions where you might need to recover deletedTinder messages from your phone. The need for such message recovery can be emotional as you might have had some good conversations with people or just looking forward to memory messages.

Anyways, probably, the methods that we explained above will be helpful and can surely get your deleted Tinder messages quickly!

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