Facebook announces social audio feature for users

Facebook continues to add new features on and off to keep people connected. This time the company has introduced a lot of social audio features for a mobile version. This audio production tool will allow users to add music in the background of their stories.

The new audio creation tool will help Facebook users make their stories more interesting by facilitating mixed audio tracks and adding different sound and voice effects and filters. Facebook already has a massive collection of tracks that users are already using. However, with this function, all the situations of different users have the same song with the background, which is not pleasing. Adding different effects and combining audio tracks of your own choice, one can make their stories different.

With the help of this new tool, Facebook users will also create soundbites, short audio clips to capture stories, inspirational moments, jokes, poems, and more. In the coming months, Facebook will begin testing soundbites on a small number of creators. Facebook has also announced that users will listen to their favorite podcasts without leaving an app instantly. Over the next several months, users will be able to listen to podcasts directly from the Facebook application.

Moreover, Facebook is also testing the Live Audio Room and planning to make it available to all this summer.

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