Draw#86 Prize Bond Rs. 1500 Result 2021

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About Prize Bond?

A Prize Bond is a lottery bond, non-interest-bearing security issued on behalf of the Irish Minister for Finance by the Prize Bond Company DAC. Funds raised are used to offset government borrowing and are refundable to the bond owner on demand. Wikipedia.


Users who have recently bought prize bond 1500 or are looking to buy 1500 prize bond before the coming draw are invited here to get all the latest updates on the prize bond 1500. A prize bond of Rs.1500 is one of the 09 denominations that are permitted by the national saving authority.

The prize bond is a lottery scheme that is inaugurated by the government of Pakistan a long time ago and right from the time of its anticipation, a lot of citizens got benefitted financially from this scheme.

Check All Updates Of Rs. 1,500 Prize Bond

The team of Ilmkidunya comes with all the results of the prize bonds. For almost all the types of prize bonds or the denominations of prize bonds, we have arranged separate sections or pages. This current page is allocated for prize bond draw 1500.

Here we come with all the latest updates including what is the time of the draw, where the draw of the prize bond 1500 will be held, in how many times the prize bond 1500 will be drawn a year, what are the prizes of the prize bond 1500, how winners can claim the reward of the prize bond, from where the users can buy prize bond, where they can sell them, what is the process to prize bond list 1,500 online checks, and what other possible advantages users can get through the prize bond scheme.

Keep in mind that all the latest updates or information are derived from authentic sources and after confirmation, all these are published here. So, this page will be very helpful for the users who are going to gauge their luck through the 1500 rupees prize bond in 2021.

Purchase And Sell Prize Bond Rs.1500

Users who are already engaged with the prize bond scheme are quite familiar with the ideas that from where to buy prize bonds, where to sell prize bonds, and all other related aspects regarding prize bonds selling and purchasing.

Although new users get some difficulty in these aspects from where to buy the prize bonds. Users are first of all informed that the way to buy a prize bond is as simple as to buy any single thing from a store.

But, you have to take care of something while purchasing the bonds. For example, you have to notice whether the prize bond is original or fake. Well, to avoid such a problem, the national saving centers offer a complete guide to check whether the prize bond is original or fake.

Moreover, today users are getting mobile applications that can help users in knowing the originality of prize bonds. This mobile application scans the prize bond and gives the appropriate results.

Users are informed that for their convenience the prize bonds are available on the national saving centers, the authorized banks, and other authorized dealers that are available in your local markets. From any of these sources, you can buy a prize bond.

Users are informed that there are no other or additional charges are required to buy the prize bonds. You can buy prize bonds in the same amount that a prize bond owned. You are also advised that beware of scammers. If you would not recognize anyone as an authorized, then never buy or sell prize bonds to them.

It has been seen that some fraudulent activities had been done in the previous time. So, be careful and keep yourself protected.  

Besides this users are also offered a general idea that they can sell the prize bond anytime they want. For example, if you need money then you can sell the prize bond to get money. At the same time ifs, some users have used a particular number several times and haven’t won the prize then they can exchange the numbers anytime. To resell the prize bonds, you can contact the same sources from where you have bought them.

Advantages Of Using Prize Bonds 

The prize bond scheme comes with several benefits and the major ones are discussed here:

  1. The prize bond scheme is a legal lottery scheme that is permitted by the government of Pakistan.
  2. This scheme is also contributing a lot to the economy of the country.
  3. It has an easy approach. For example, every single citizen can participate in this scheme.
  4. There is no specific requirements to be eligible for this scheme.
  5. There are no limitations or restrictions in buying the prize bonds.
  6. This is a secured way of investment. If someone does not want to be engaged anymore with this scheme he or she can easily resell the prize bonds with the same amount in which they had bought.

How to Win money? Rs. 1500 bond prize

This is another question that mostly comes from the new users. Well, the users are informed that the prize bond is a lottery that offers prizes through the lucky draw.

The number that will be selected in the lucky draw of Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Schedule 2021will be offered the prize. However, some users take the idea from the previous results or experiences that what numbers will be selected during the next draw.

But these are just ideas and there is no authentication. So, do not think about the things that through any technique you can win the prize. It depends upon your fate or luck. To grab the potential chances for a particular prize bond, you can buy more than one prize bond. So, you are recommended to buy the prize bonds as much as you can.  

Request method For Rs. 1,500 Prize Bond

Users who want to know the claiming process of the prize bond scheme are informed that the claiming process is also simple.

The numbers will be shown through the 1,500 prize bond list and users who will win the prize bonds in the coming draw will be awarded the prize whenever they want to get it. Users are informed that after the draw they can claim the prize within the 06 years.

To get the prize users will be required to contact the national saving center. Users will get a claim form from the national saving centers. They will be required to attach a copy of the national identity card, a copy of the prize bond, and the original prize bond along with the claim form.

Once after submitting the claim form the award will be offered within 03 to 04 working days. However, if you have any other queries regarding the claiming process then you can contact the national saving centers or the authorized banks.  

What Is National Saving Prize Bond Scheme 

As we have discussed above that it is the lottery scheme that is inaugurated by the government of Pakistan in 1960. The prize bond scheme was started with a prize bond of Rs. 10.

With time, the scheme got extended and today we can find almost 09 denominations of prize bonds including the prize bonds of Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25,000, Rs. 40,000, and Rs. 40,000 premium bonds.

This scheme is an opportunity for the citizens to get a chance of becoming rich overnight. However, right from its beginning a lot of users have got a lot and still, the users are getting exceptional benefits of using the prize bond scheme.  


What is the Easiest Way to Check the Rupee? 1,500 Bond Yield Reward?

On the day of the draw or prize bond result 1,500, the national saving centers issue lists of the results that are easily accessible. For the convenience of users, the complete draw list is listed or published here on time. You are just required to visit the page on the day of the draw.

What Are The Prizes Of 1,500 Prize Bond?

For the prize bond of Rs. 1,500 a total of three prizes or awards are offered and the following is 1,500 prize bond list the detail of the prizes:

  • The value of The first prize is 3,000,000 and only one participant is selected for the first prize.
  • The value of the second prize is 1,000,000 and a total of three users are selected for the second prize.
  • The value of the third prize is 18,500 and a total of 1696 users are selected for the third prize.   


Which Month is Chosen for Rs. 1500 Bond Draw Prizes?

The following is the list of the months in which the 1,500 prize bond schedule 2021will be held: 

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • November

Prize Bond Draw#86 Schedule 2021 of Rs. 1500 Prize Bonds

Bond PriceDraw #Draw DateDraw City
Rs. 15008617 May 2021Karachi
Rs. 15008616 August 2021Multan
Rs. 15008616 November 2021Quetta

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