Daily Quordle May 7, 2022 Answer Today #103 Quordle Hints

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There’s a new Quordle word of the day available for May 7, 2022. So here are our hints and answers for puzzle 103.

Quordle is by far the most popular daily word game. Its released at the end of January after the game’s creator, Freddie Meyer, saw a post about Dordle.

It quickly gained a devoted following, with players enjoying the more difficult challenge than Wordle. If you’ve never played Quordle before, the game requires players to guess four five-letter words rather than one.

You’ll have nine attempts to guess the words correctly, and the color of the tiles will change to provide feedback for each guess you make, similar to Wordle.

There’s also a practice mode, which most other word games don’t have. Players can play as many word puzzles as they want, but none of them will contribute to your overall score; that honor is reserved for the daily set of words.

A new Quordle word puzzle is released at 12:00 a.m. local time. We’ve decided to cover each puzzle with our hints and tips, and answers because Quordle is far more difficult than other word games. Everything you need to know about Quordle 102, which will be released on May 6, 2022, is provided below.

What’s the Daily Quordle 103 Answer today?

  • Wordy
  • Order
  • Scoff
  • Spool

Quordle 7th May Hints Today

Hint 1: Word 1 begins with a W, 2 with an O, 3 with an S, and 4 with an S.
Hint 2: Word ending – 1: Y, 2: R, 3: F, 4: L
Hint 3: Word 1 – using or expressed in too many words.
Hint 4: Word 2 – a state in which everything is in its correct or appropriate place
Hint 5: Word 3 – speak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way
Hint 6: Word 4 – a cylindrical device on which film, magnetic tape, thread, or other flexible materials can be wound; a reel

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