CNIC Code Information: What Is It?

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In this blog article, a website owner and writer details the CNIC code information and what it is.

What Is the CNIC Code Information?

CNIC code is an eight-character alphanumeric code issued by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) to identify a subscriber in India. It is also known as the Individual Identification Number or Indian Unique Identification Number. The CNIC code was introduced in 1997, replacing the earlier Permanent Account Number (PAN).

Why Do You Need a CNIC Code?

Organizations use CNIC codes to identify specific individuals. They also certify an individual’s identity and track their movements. CNIC codes can be used for several purposes, including employee identification, tax purposes, and recordkeeping.

How to Get a CNIC Code

The government uses CNIC codes to identify individuals. For example, you can get a CNIC code if you are an employee or a student. You can also get a CNIC code if you are a foreign national.

Putting in an Order for a CNIC Code

If you need a CNIC code, now is the time to order one. Many businesses and organizations require CNIC codes, so calling one before your passport expires will make your life much easier. There are several ways to order a CNIC code. Here are the details on each:

  1. Via the Internet:

The first way to order a CNIC code is to go online. Several websites will allow you to order a CNIC code online. The websites will require you to provide basic information about yourself, such as your name, date of birth, and citizenship. After providing this information, you can place an order for a CNIC code.

  1. Via the Canadian Government’s Electronic Service Centre (CESC):

Another way to order a CNIC code is through the Canadian Government’s Electronic Service Centre (CESC). CESC is an online service that allows you to place orders for various government services, including a CNIC code. You can access CESC at After logging in, you can place an order for a CNIC code. The

Techvirg Conclusion

The CNIC code Information is a unique identifier for businesses in the United States. It is used to authenticate and approve transactions between financial institutions and their customers.

Suppose you are looking for details on obtaining or renewing your business license or are just curious about the CNIC code. In that case, this article will deliver you all the necessary information. Thank you for reading!

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