Apple insider Reveals Surprising Revelations That Affects iPhone Users: Report

Apple insiders have revealed some surprising things about the iOS and iPhone software that could affect users in terms of the Application Store’s security and privacy.

According to a report published by ForbesMichael Gartenberg, former senior director of global product marketing at Apple, has backed the latest shocking report by app developer Kosta Eleftheriou about app store security flaws.

On Twitter, Michael Gartenberg said: “I believe that @keleftheriou brought important issues about the App Store to the mainstream audience. I hope Apple takes action soon. The ecosystem that is frequently praised is breaking at the seams ‘in my humble opinion,’ (IMHO).”

His comments came after Kosta Eleftheriou tweeted about the App Store scandal: “This @AppStore app pretends to be a ridiculous platform game for kids 4+. But if I set up my VPN for Turkey and restart it, it becomes an online casino that doesn’t even use Apple’s IAP.”

The director said the scam has been on the App Store for months, and some updates have been received.

“It’s another developer’s application that does the same thing!” It is impossible to know how much money these scammers are getting from unnecessary users, but such schemes make bank,” he added.

It is a significant development as Apple heavily markets its reputation for industry-leading security, and millions of customers are happy to pay a premium for it, the publication stressed.

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